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Tennessee Outdoor Fun

tennessee hiking trail
Image courtesy of Big Bear Rafting


Everything from train rides to white water rafting adventures, Tennessee outdoor fun activities boast an abundance of things to explore that suit all kinds of outdoor enthusiasts. Around here, people care more about the number of new trails they discover than how many new followers they get on social media.

Adventure Treks - includes backpacking and backcountry camping, technical rock climbing, rappelling, canoeing / kayaking, whitewater rafting, and more.

Camp Based Adventures - Enjoy the great outdoors from a camp based facility.

Canoeing and Kayaking - Experience a canoe or kayak adventure on Smoky Mountains rivers, the Tennessee River Gourge, the Ocoee River and other areas of our state.

Caving - Tennessee offers some of the best places in the country to discover unique geologic strata. Tennessee caverns, caves, and passages often house underground lakes and streams. Caving helps people in overcoming fear of the unknown.

Covered Bridges - Go back in time to the days when most Tennessee covered bridges were built so that people could cross streams.

Dude Ranches - Experience Southern hospitality with a side of adventure at a Tennessee dude ranch.

Hiking - Tennessee offers some of the most beautiful hiking trails in America. Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Cherokee National Forest, and many other state and national parks provide a multitude of hiking trails.

Ice Climbing - Ice climbing is a unifying activity complete with challenge, commitment, camaraderie, and personal success. A great activity for groups or individuals.

Rock Climbing / Rappelling - According to climbing.com, much of the climbing in Tennessee is on the Cumberland Plateau. The Plateau is a 300-mile ridge that stretches into Alabama and Kentucky.

Team Building Camps - Team building camps empower youth with Christian values through challenging team building.

Train Rides - Tennessee Train Rides offer breathtaking scenery throughout the mountains, deep gorges, and steep cliff lines of East Tennessee.

Whitewater Rafting - All-day or half-day thrilling whitewater raft trips await you with reservations made through any of the river rafting companies in the region.

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