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great smoky mountains national park ACROSS       

2. Dam named for a tribe of Native Americans
4. On record as smallest town ever having hosted the Ringling Brother's Circus
5. Largest underground lake in Craighead Caverns
7. Oldest city in Tennessee
11. Boone Dam is named for
13. Capital of Tennessee
15. Most populated city
16. Victorian village founded by Thomas Hughes
great smoky mountains national park DOWN       

1. Caverns opened in 1953
3. One of highest waterfalls east of Rocky Mountains
6. Mule Capital of the world
8. Marina located on Watts Bar Lake
9. America's largest underground waterfall
10. Andrew Jackson's homeplace
12. 3,687 acre State Park located in Maynardville, Tennessee
14. National Cemetery established with more than 3,500 Union graves
15. Country _____ Hall of Fame
great smoky mountains national park

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